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Company Law Today, Graeme Fraser and Vel Fraser state that in the
eleven years since implementation on 1st May 2011, the Companies Act 2008 ("Act") has proven its resilience as the new framework for the conduct of business operations. Lawyers, auditors, directors, shareholders, trade unions and other stakeholders have embraced the challenges presented and
our Courts have been able to add the necessary glosses
to ensure the Act achieves its purpose in South Africa.

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Graeme and Vel Fraser state that it would probably come as a surprise to many South Africans that there are over 70 legislative enactments in South Africa empowering “officials” or “inspectors” to enter premises or property (in many instances without a warrant or even “probable cause” or “reasonable suspicion”) to inspect or search property, personnel and even to seize articles found there. We are researching the Law of Search and Seizure in a 4-Volume book.
Graeme and Vel Fraser state that while going about activities preparing the annual Companies Act Casebooks [Cases XI of the series] in terms of Company Law curial development and a number of other specialist tracts, we have spent a number of years collecting and researching materials on the mammoth topic of the Law of Search and Seizure and are preparing the book for sale.
Graeme and Veldra Fraser continue to work on developing their next Company Law Casebook for the upcoming annual period and have, so far in 2022, co-authored Twenty-two corporate law and related casebooks and will have completed twelve corporate litigation, curial developement Casebooks.

Search and Seizure Book

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