Graeme Fraser and Vel Fraser in their consultations offer opinions, consciously taking into account the scope and extent of Companies Act 2008 legislation with their client requirements and with significant returns being the arch under which they achieve results for their clients. We look forward to a fruitful interaction with your business.
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In 2019 Graeme and Vel Fraser offer information of a general nature pertaining to the operation of the Companies Act 2008 and regulations 2011; with specific information on individual clauses; specialized information including useful precedents and checklists; case reviews; general articles and other helpful executive information proximate to company law information. We continue to expand and develop materials for business focussing on any opportunities that might extend our current business base. We would be delighted to explore the various synergies that might exist and are at present occupied with further research, Bills to pass and we are co-authoring corporate law books 13, 14, and 15.

Established 25th June 2008

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Company Law Today, Graeme Fraser and Vel Fraser state that in the eight years since implementation, the Companies Act 2008 ("Act") has proven its resilience as the new framework for the conduct of business operations. Lawyers, auditors, directors, shareholders, trade unions and other stakeholders have embraced the challenges presented and our Courts
have been able to add the necessary glosses
to ensure the Act achieves its purpose in South Africa.

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