Graeme Fraser and Vel Fraser in 2021 continue to focus on rendering practical advice and record curial developments of the Companies Act 2008; and assimilating further Corporate Litigation Casebooks 19 and 20th in addition to other commentaries that will be available soon, regarding Corporate, Curial, Litigious and Property law.
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Company Law Today, Graeme Fraser and Vel Fraser state that in the
ten years since implementation, the Companies Act 2008 ("Act") has proven its resilience as the new framework for the conduct of business operations. Lawyers, auditors, directors, shareholders, trade unions and other stakeholders have embraced the challenges presented and
our Courts have been able to add the necessary glosses
to ensure the Act achieves its purpose in South Africa.

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Consolidated actions
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The Competition Tribunal is established in terms of section 26 of the Competition Act of 1998 (“1998 Act”) and has jurisdiction throughout the Republic. It is a tribunal of record and independent from the other competition institutions. The Competition Appeal Court is established in terms of section 36 of the 1998 Act. It has status similar to that of a High Court. It has jurisdiction throughout the Republic and is a court of record.

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa

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