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Our Cases VIII selected body of law matters curially developed from 30 April 2018 to1 May 2019 are composed of - difference of opinion between important statutory entity and transactory parties in re notifications; execution against primary property where the mortgagee exercised rights in terms of the loan agreement, in the last two decades deemed a simple commercial matter, however now in terms of Constitutional housing the requirement is that all relevant circumstances be curially considered before depriving a person of his or her home; the effects of bona vacantia assets of a UK firm in terms of asserting privilege having regard for aggrieved stakeholders; material non-disclosure to an insurance underwriter; defaulting trade fraud of an already wound-up company; creditor's right to possession; res inter alios acta in re a non-surety; money lending from indemnity insurance; whether a written clause in a franchise agreement in the assessed tax period was categorised as future expenditure; application for debt review where an act of insolvency was not deemed committed; restitutio in integrum; an ancillary breach of listing agreement, whether a new portal infringed Uk competition law by structural cartel price-fixing, barrier entry or anti-competitive behaviour; interim relief via wide-ranging interdicts in terms of s163 (2) Companies Act 2008 the current 50% shareholder’s resignation and channeling business away; provision for shareholders of subsidiary companies; set-off of mutual indebtment compensation; summary judgment bona fide defense; imposed liability for security for costs contrived; data breach in terms of a body of employees; trademark infringement with no satisfactory evidence of market confusion; rei vindicatio in re business rescue; the question of valuation of trading stock as if the business was being disposed? consolidated judgments; contractual privity; international price drop, extension agreement disputed in claim for tax deduction; gold company validated by Gupta in contractual breach; three bench adjudication in re irrational removal of liquidator, all included in our book - Graeme and Vel Fraser..

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