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Our litigation Cases VIII selected body of company law litigation curially developed from 30 April 2018 to1 May 2019 composed of - execution against primary property where the mortgagee exercised rights in terms of the loan agreement that in the last two decades was deemed a simple commercial matter, however now in terms of rights exercised regarding adequate housing in harmony with the Constitution, with the requirement that all relevant circumstances be curially considered before depriving a person of his or her home. An appeal pending trial, where preservation of individual private data from being disseminated at media outlets was ordered; the effects of the Crown bona vacantia assets of a firm United Kingdom ['UK'] in disposal thereof whether it might assert privilege having regard for aggrieved stakeholders; the matter of insurance ignorance in not revealing to the underwriter a material disclosure; defaulting trade fraud in the name of an already wound-up company; an application for debt arrangement where the debtor was not regarded as having committed an act of insolvency; on appeal from the Competition Appeal Tribunal as to an ancillary breach of listing agreement regarding a newly launched estate agency portal that competed with established property portals and whether the new portal infringed UK competition law, vertically or horizontally i.e. structural cartel price-fixing, barrier entry or general anti-competitive behaviour; application in the High Court for interim relief via a list of wide-ranging interdicts in terms of s163 (2) of the Companies Act 2008 pending trial and as to the reason for the 50% [still] shareholder’s resignation who allegedly channeled business away in continuance to make a living; set-off of mutual indebtment compensation; data breach in terms of a body of employees contrary to contractual obligations of exclusivity; trademark infringement negated with no satisfactory evidence of market confusion; suing in tort for negligence and for Administrator’s [winding up] breach of fiduciary duty and
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Wildlife legacy in South Africa
The South African Rand is, despite what some political 'forecasts' may have you believe, standing relatively firm at a time when sentiment is strongly aligned against developing countries, especially the BRICS nations, writes Graeme and Vel Fraser.
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