Corporation Litigation Casebook IX is completed and there have emerged a few wider considerations more especially due to our selection of 2020 cases. A few to mention - a puisne decision that could not survive an appeal for legal privilege of anabus policy documents; in a technical corporate re-structuring the gratuity or enforceability of an email promise; in a principal-agent relationship a demand for lease payment and a counter plea for unlawful competition in addition, deviation from Common Law in context; Spoliation - the Courts continue to find for the lessee peaceful undisturbed possession of assets or property including coming to the assistance of a Church with restoration of peaceful possession ante; disposal of a deceased member's assets aligned to s35 Close Corporation Act 69 of 1984 found to be irregular but valid; whether N.O. reinstatement came with an attached locus standi; a flight agreement and extra financiers agreement with a loss of shareholder profits however the pleadings disclosed no cause of action; re-scheduling of foreign debt under the 'standstill agreement' trade sanctions of RSA 1988; DTI incentive for production of wine, indebtedness for loaned cellar attached to farm; bringing trusts onshore - whether income or capital gains regarding tax; plus regular curial interpretation, statutory demand, Court record and application for transcript notes, pleadings, statement of claim and many more. Graeme and Vel Fraser continue with Casebook X.

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South African National Environmental Shoulders responsibility
Nature Associations mitigate potential threats to the availibility of waters including mountain waters and streams and remain the protector of biodiversity and it cannot be over-emphasised that there are significantly thousands of biomes existing that do not of necessity need uprooting. S of the Kruger National Park in South Africa the savanna and soils biomes under conservation e.g. a grassy ground layer and distinct upper layer of woody biomes, the upper layer known as Shrubveld, denser Woodland and intermediate stages locally known as Bushveld are protected. Geographical aspects highlight the lakes and waters, ravines and dominance of vegetation types considered effectively for provision of stocking levels. The creatures pinpointed near Kruger gates such as the Numbi gates and others' impact on tourism and big game viewing within the Kruger and wider areas cannot be underestimated. Most of the animals are adept at keeping habitat near vital water sources moreover the below group of ewes are gathered together at a point in the bush near water with the most dominant male Impala not far behind since the rutting process here in the Eastern Cape has started along aligned with future commencing life-cycles.

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