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Foundation & Origin of our faith
Graeme & Vel Fraser - our Spiritual Belief 2014-2019
Top 1,2 - the Lilac Bead Tree de-colours from green to a goldish yellow leaf and the Tree Fuchsia valved capsules has tapered off production of its smooth orange-pearl coloured petals thanks to the voracious appetite of Sunbirds, Bul-buls, butterflies, blue bees, brown bees and bumble bees. Bottom L,R - the mix and match of lime and copper seem almost too daring as the eye feasts on the grape vine and the Sweet Potato Vine continues to attract a camera flourish with its leaves dotted in magenta with lime-cream base, as winter hibernation approaches.
Nature's Synopsis of Autumn Processes
Graeme Fraser and Veldra Fraser 2020
Sterile Insect Technique controls false coddling moth by dropping radiation treated clusters of moths over approximately 6,000 hectares of citrus orchards in association with the Programme for the wider Addo area.