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Foundation & Origin of our faith
Graeme & Veldra Fraser - Spiritual Belief 2014 to 2022
L - To say the predacious wasp family is large would be an understatement as the species runs into the thousands who are duly expected to oversee insect species assisted by spiders, birds, amphibians - the insect species themselves running into the thousands. The carnivorous wasp searches for insects.
Graeme & Veldra Fraser
Nature's Overseers, Split Roots and Rhizomes
Middle - Pink cerise Perlargonium from April to May, growing in complete comfort subjugated to a split root system beneath its stem; the plant is of value to pollinators in general, bumble bees, nectar birds, butterflies and Humming bird moths as they land on the petals to sip fresh dew and enjoy the pollen;
Bottom - Respecters of the broad principles of art would appreciate the realism and spontaneity in the Chinese Heavenly Nandina Domestica perennial plant grown in South Africa in the Eastern Cape, that proffers a full umbrella shrub, sun or shade, unbranched stems procured from Rhizomes and cupped inrolled leaves that flourish in poignant colours of green, pink, mustard, deep mauve and lime in Spring.
Our hearts go out to the family of
Shireen Abu Aqleh who was a reporting journalist in the occupied West Bank territory.