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Nature's Ethnobotany Mallow
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Top L - the orange Cotton Stainer bug inhabits the inland bush, thicket of small shrubby plants such as the Mallow family’s decorative lemon-yellow flowers, and; Top R - the colorful pink, red or white garden shrub Hibiscus - a year round flowering plant with mimimum maintenance requirements; in addition the attractive packaging from each flower's prized nectar creates a positive response from insectivorous birds who have a time-bar in which to harvest pollen as Mallow flowering occurs for a mere certain few hours in the day. Top R Hibiscus leaves; Below L - yellow Mallow flower; Below R - purple Mallow where it need hardly be added; and since the Mallow is a short shrubby plant there is abundant provision made for much taller stems that can present in a somewhat ‘tangled’ manner.
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