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Graeme Fraser Master of Laws, Tax, Witwatersrand University; Veldra Fraser [Morris] Law University of South Africa [UNISA]
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Nature and its Low Tides
The adventurous and pronounced territorial nature of the Oystercatcher can be viewed as they eat and breed on rocky coasts, estuaries, lagoons and ocean islands. They are endemic from upper west Namibia to the Cape east coast in South Africa and can be seen eating customary limpets and mussels [not oysters] at dusk when the tide is low. Their black and red colour is unusual and so is their noisy nature and sharp red bill that opens up secure mollusc shells.
Fishing line, in terms of international plastic aberrations, can be a problem for these attractive fascinating coastal birds. Their natural enemies are gulls, foxes and snakes.
Africa Day
We say - Celebrate the rich diversity!